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Litigation is when having an experienced attorney means the most. When it comes time to enter the courtroom you need an experienced, diligent, and respected lawyer guiding your case through all critical stages of litigation including pleading, discovery, trial, and post-trial.

Tony Liu has over 9 years of experience as a litigator and is widely respected in the legal community as a diligent and knowledgeable attorney. Tony Liu’s experience provides him with the insight necessary to determine the most cost effective strategy for your business litigation.

Experience You Can Count on In Each Stage of Litigation

Whether defending or pursuing a lawsuit cost reducing strategies are crucial. Settlement can often be a cost effective way to resolve disputes. California has special tools such as statutory settlements (§ 998 settlements) which, when used effectively, make it very difficult for opposing parties to resist fair offers.

However, settlement is not always the best strategy. Litigation may be the only way to fully recover damages or vindicate your rights. In these situations experience is vital to determining the most cost effective course of action in each phase of your case.

In the pleading phase of litigation an appropriate motion can get a lawsuit dismissed when the complaint fails to allege the facts needed to prove each element of the case. Having an experienced lawyer handling your case from the start can prevent major problems that can arise from neglect at this critical stage of litigation.

Experience and skill also pays off during the discovery phase of litigation. Effective use of discovery means the difference between spending thousands of dollars acquiring boxes of irrelevant documents versus finding the most relevant evidence for your case. During discovery it is also possible for either the plaintiff or defendant to receive a favorable judgment in what is known as summary judgment.

During the trial phase a skilled advocate is also indispensable in presenting your case to the court and in ensuring success in post-trial motions to preserve issues in the event of an appeal.

Business Law Expertise

Tony Liu is a master at trial advocacy and litigation. His legal expertise allows him to handle a wide variety of business and commercial disputes, including the following:

  • Breach of Contract: after formation of any contract a breach can result in expectation and incidental damages.
  • Partnership, Shareholder, and Corporate Disputes: violation of a fiduciary duty can make partners, directors, or officers liable for business mistakes.
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation: fraud and violations of California or federal securities law arise when material misstatements of fact are made to unlawfully encourage business transactions.
  • Intellectual Property: the protection of trademarks and copyrights are crucial to the success of a business.
  • Employment Disputes: only an experienced lawyer can guide you through the maze of state, federal, and tort law that make up the world of employment law.
  • Real Estate Disputes: transactions involving real property are complex and leave a lot of room for disputes to arise.
  • Other Business Litigation Matters: interference with contract or business can be remedied through litigation.

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Success in business litigation requires experience, diligence, and respect in the legal community. To learn more schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Tony T. Liu. Call (714) 415-2007 today.

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