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Cerritos is an affluent city in Los Angeles County, and is one of several cities constituting the Gateway Cities of southeast Los Angeles County. With the help of close proximity to several major freeways, Cerritos has a vibrant and diverse business community made up of a mix of retail and industrial companies. Cerritos is also home to the world’s most successful auto mall, the Cerritos Auto Square and the Los Cerritos Center a regional mall with a mix of retailers and services.

Most jobs within Cerritos are located in Los Cerritos Shopping Center and Cerritos Industrial Park (whose businesses include light manufacturing and assembly of electronic and automotive parts). United Parcel Service is the city's largest employer with a staff of 6,000, located in the Industrial Park.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2010, 61.9% of resident respondents identified themselves as Asian and the bureau estimates that as of 2007, 59% of businesses were Asian owned.

Attorney Liu represents a number of different types of business clients, including,

  • Businesses based in China and Taiwan entering into joint ventures, and the American companies involved in those ventures: Tony Liu was born in Taiwan. He and his family came to California when he was 11 years old and has been living here ever since. He is fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese. Attorney Liu understands the culture, perspective, business practices and thinking processes of business owners from Taiwan and China.

  • Foreign investors, especially those from China or Taiwan, who are interested in investing in businesses for the purposes of obtaining investor visas.

  • Local companies doing business globally (especially in Taiwan or China) or a foreign corporation with an established branch office in the United States: Tony Liu can help with international trade issues and can help your company prevent legal problems when making international transactions.

  • Commercial real estate investors, including individuals, institutions, limited partnerships and limited liability corporations.

Attorney Liu works with clients to resolve a wide range of business issues.

  • Disputes among partners or members of limited liability corporations or partnerships (especially those involving high value assets and real estate): Though partners or shareholders may have started a business with the best intentions, over time disagreements can arise. Attorney Liu can help prevent these issues from threatening the company’s future by drafting partnership agreements or corporation by-laws to spell out how disagreements should be resolved or if that fails, how parties’ interests can be bought out. Attorney Liu can also represent partners and shareholders involved in litigation, mediation or negotiation.

  • Shareholder disputes: If serious enough, a shareholder dispute can threaten the viability of a corporation. You can be proactive by having Attorney Liu draft by-laws that can address how disputes should be handled, or if the issue has reached the breaking point, represent a corporation or shareholder in litigation.

  • Real estate disputes among sellers, buyers, brokers, developers either in breach of contract, fraud (including nondisclosure of material facts about the property) or commission disputes: A real estate dispute can stall a business’ plans to expand or move or severely impact the bottom line of a real estate developer. Attorney Liu can represent parties involved in these disputes to try to negotiate or mediate a resolution or can litigate the matter as well.

  • Businesses litigation involving intellectual property infringement, breach of contract, unfair business practices, fraud and other business torts: Your business may have employees with non-disclosure or non-compete clauses, intellectual property that you need to protect or suffering damages due to a breached contract. Attorney Liu can help you with business litigation and protect your interests.

If you do business in Cerritos and Attorney Liu may be able to answer your questions or represent your business, please contact his office today for a consultation.

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