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As the world's second largest and fastest growing economy China has emerged as major global trade player. The meteoric economic success of Chinese businesses in the span of three decades from 1979 to the present has spawned an average 10% annual GDP growth. At this rate the U.S. Congressional Research Service indicates that China is on track to surpass the U.S. to become the largest economy in the world in 5 years.

The Law Offices of Tony T. Liu can facilitate business dealings between the U.S. and China. Tony Liu represents clients from companies doing business in China seeking to resolve disputes within the U.S. and U.S. clients who want to resolve disputes with Chinese businesses. Services include:

  • Collections: After winning a judgment the next step often requires filing additional motions to collect or enforce judgments. This becomes complicated when the parties involved operate internationally.
  • Commercial litigation: The greater the distance between business transactions, the more opportunity for misunderstandings and accidents to arise. When this happens you need a skilled business attorney to minimize damage and efficiently resolve disputes
  • Outside corporate counsel: Mr. Liu advises businesses of the legal implications of their decisions including forming business agreements with entities overseas.
  • Dispute resolution: Mr. Liu is a master of trial advocacy and litigation. However, he also excels at negotiation. In many circumstances a business can save significant money by opting to resolve disputes through arbitration or mediation.
  • Government Agency Investigation Defense: International trade is highly regulated, federal agents from the Food and Drug Administration, US Custom and Board Patrol, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission and other agencies have a great deal of discretion in the types of investigations they pursue. If you have come under investigation from a federal agency an experienced attorney can help facilitate the process so you can move on to more important matters.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property: One of the most common areas of dispute in the fast paced world of consumer electronics is IP infringement. Mr. Liu has expertise in handling these disputes.

Reasons to Choose the Law Offices of Tony T. Liu

Mr. Liu has extensive experience handling international business disputes. He has represented manufactures in China pursuing collections against U.S. parties. However, also understands the perspective of U.S. businesses and has defended U.S. businesses from Chinese manufacturers' lawsuits. He is a zealous advocate for his clients and has the flexibility to provide counsel the most complex business transactions.

Resolving international commercial disputes not only requires a high level of legal expertise, it also requires cultural sophistication. Mr. Liu speaks Mandarin and is familiar with Chinese cultural practices. His broad understanding of the cultural nuances of both Chinese and American culture is key to his effectiveness as an attorney. Mr. Liu also understands the perspective and priorities of business owners. He has represented a diverse group of business owners over his many years of practice and has a substantial business network in Orange County.

Counsel to Chinese Businesses

Mr. Liu is a California business attorney experienced in handling international business disputes. Mr. Liu effectively provides long term legal solutions in today's global marketplace. To learn more contact the Law Offices of Tony T. Liu today. Schedule a consultation by calling (714) 415-2007.

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