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Since its incorporation in 1953, Costa Mesa has grown from a semi-rural farming community to a primarily suburban city with an economy based on retail, commerce and light manufacturing. The single largest center of commercial activity is South Coast Plaza, a shopping center noted for its architecture and size.

The more than $1 billion in annual sales generated by South Coast Plaza’s 322 stores makes it one of the highest volume regional shopping centers in the nation. Some manufacturing activity also takes place in the city, mostly in the industrial, southwestern quarter, which is home to a number of electronics, pharmaceutical and plastics firms.

Mr. Liu understands the legal needs of retailers, their landlords and businesses in Costa Mesa. He specializes in business litigation and he can counsel you on what actions to take to try to avoid legal issues. Mr. Liu can also represent your business’ interests in litigation, whether it’s resolved through negotiation or ends up going to trial.

He represents a number of different clients facing a variety of legal issues:

  • Conflicts between partners or shareholders concerning high value commercial real estate: Many issues can arise concerning real estate. Investments may be needed and not all the parties may want to spend the money. One party may want to sell the building while others do not. Partners and shareholders who once worked together may be divided and need to have their disputes resolved, whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation. Mr. Liu can help you reach a resolution to these conflicts, no matter which path it takes.
  • Disputes among sellers, purchasers, brokers, tenants and developers of commercial real estate, due to alleged breach of contract, fraud or disputed commissions: The retail industry is heavily dependent on leased space. There are many legal issues can arise from the construction, finance, leasing and sale of commercial buildings. Mr. Liu can review any contract or lease you may be asked to sign, or draft a commercial lease agreement for your use. He can advise you on how to stay away from legal disputes and actively protect your rights in case conflicts end up in the court system.
  • Employment law disputes: Retailers need many workers to serve their customers and each employee may present any number of legal issues to management. Job applicants may claim they weren’t hired due to discrimination. Workers may claim wages weren’t paid, were denied family medical leave or accommodations to a disability. Employees laid off or fired may dispute the circumstances leading to their job loss and file legal claims against your business. Mr. Liu can explain the web of state and federal laws that cover employment relationships. He can represent your interests in employment litigation, protect your rights and your company’s finances and reputation.
  • Businesses litigation including contract disputes, deceptive trade practices, fraud and other business torts: Suppliers are lifelines to retail businesses. When relationships are going well, both sides benefit. But contractual and payment disputes can grind a relationship to a halt and threaten the existence of a business. Retailers can also be subject to false advertising and fraud claims. Mr. Liu’s focus on and experience with business litigation may give you the edge you need to have disputes resolved and legal claims dismissed or settled on favorable terms.

If you have any questions about legal issues, or need to discuss a situation you face, contact Law Offices of Tony T. Liu for a free consultation.

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