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Irvine, California, because of its good schools, jobs, and housing, has been chosen by as one of the best places to live in the United States and Businessweek magazine has also recently named it the fifth best city in the U.S. It has one of the lowest crime rates, and one of the highest median income rates, of any city its size in the U.S.

Irvine is home to a number of corporations, particularly in the high technology, semiconductor and video game sectors. Irvine is the corporate home of a wide range of companies, from Toshiba to In-N-Out Burger, from Asics to Taco Bell. Its high tech business include BenQ, Gateway, Vizio, Western Digital, Atlus, Blizzard Entertainment and Samsung Electronics.

If you work in management in one of Irvine’s high tech companies, or do business, work as a contractor or employee with one of them, the Business Litigation and Trial Attorney Tony T. Liu can provide you with valuable legal advice and counsel so you and your business can avoid legal problems, or can represent you in litigation if those problems are headed toward the court system.

Mr. Liu has over ten years of experience as a trial attorney provides him with the insight necessary to determine the most effective and efficient strategy for your business litigation. For those working in high tech industry, his experience covers issues of special concern to your industry as well as legal problems every business can face:

  • Intellectual Property: The high tech industry would not exist without intellectual property protections. Companies invest huge amounts of resources to enable them to exploit and profit from the products and services they’ve developed. If your company may be, or currently is, involved in intellectual property litigation, get the experienced legal help you need from Mr. Liu.

  • Employment Disputes: The high tech industry can’t function without highly qualified employees performing very specialized tasks. Often those employees are under contracts with anti-compete and anti-disclosure provisions. Whether you’re an employer or employee, Mr. Liu can help you with employment law matters. He’s an experienced trial lawyer who can also guide you through the maze of state, federal, contract and tort law that make up the world of employment law.

  • Contract Law: Mr. Liu can draft a contract, or review one, on your business’ behalf to make sure your rights and interests are protected and warn you of exposure you may have in a contract. If there are disputes concerning a contract your company has already entered into, Mr. Liu can represent you to help resolve the issue, whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

  • Partnership, Shareholder, and Corporate Disputes: A violation of a fiduciary duty can make partners, directors or officers liable for business mistakes. These kinds of cases, especially those involving smaller and family owned businesses, can create enormous stress on the parties and potentially cripple or close a business. Mr. Liu represents those involved in all aspects of these disputes, zealously represents his clients’ interests while keeping the company at issue viable.

  • Fraud and Misrepresentation: Fraud and violations of California or federal securities law arise when material misstatements of fact are made to unlawfully encourage business transactions. Mr. Liu can represent parties facing these accusations or making them.

  • Real Estate Disputes: Transactions involving commercial real property can be complex and commercial leases may be a trap for those who sign them without first obtaining legal counsel. Get expert legal advice before transactions are done to keep your business out of trouble. If a dispute arises out of an existing lease or past transaction, Mr. Liu can work on your behalf and protect your interests.

  • Other Business Litigation Matters: Interference with contract or business can be remedied through litigation.

If you own, manage, contract with or work for a business Irvine, California, and you have questions or concerns about business litigation, contact our office today for a free consultation.

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