Lake Forest Business Litigation and Trial Attorney

Located in Orange County, Lake Forrest is the home of the headquarters of eyewear manufacturer Oakley, Inc. and at least three and skateboarding companies, Sole Technology, Inc., Etnies and Tilly's. It’s also the corporate base of high tech companies Panasonic Avionics, which provides airlines with in flight entertainment, and a maker of unmanned aerial vehicles, Karem Aircraft. Joining them are metals company Kaiser Aluminum, medical equipment maker Apria Healthcare, retailer Barbeques Galore and restaurant chains Johnny Rockets and Del Taco.

Lake Forest was incorporated on December 20, 1991. Prior to a vote of the residents in that year, it was known as El Toro since the 1880s.

If you manage or own a Lake Forest business, are employed by one or are a contractor doing business in Lake Forest, Mr. Liu can help you with practical legal advice so you or your business can prevent legal issues. If you’re already facing legal issues, Mr. Liu can represent your interests in litigation before state or federal courts or government agencies.

Mr. Liu understands the legal system, and how to use it most efficiently and effectively, thanks to his experience as a trial attorney and litigator. Whether you’re making skateboards, in-flight entertainment systems or running a restaurant chain, Mr. Liu can help you save money and time by preventing legal issues from interfering with your business or defend your interests in business litigation entangling your company:

  • Intellectual Property: Whether it’s the trademarked design of a skateboard or a copyrighted logo of a restaurant, business of all shapes and sizes rely on protections afforded by intellectual property law. Designs and logos often embody a company and those who misuse them can damage a company’s reputation and bottom line. If you want to learn more about your rights, need a consultation, or are involved in an intellectual property lawsuit, Mr. Liu can give you the help you need.

  • Employment Law: Businesses big and small face a wide array of employment law issues. Employees may claim they’re owed wages, benefits or have been the victim of discrimination. Employees with access to customer lists, marketing or sales information or trade secrets may need to sign anti-compete or anti-disclosure contracts. Mr. Liu can help employers and employees through the thicket of laws and regulations impacting your business and livelihood.

  • Contract Law: If your business needs a contract, you can access a number of forms online or cut and paste one you may have already used. But will that result in a legally binding contract that best fits the situation and fully protects your interests? Mr. Liu can create or review a draft contract for you so you won’t make an expensive mistake you’ll regret later on. If you’re involved in a dispute over a contract you or your business has entered into, Mr. Liu can protect your interests and help you reach the best possible outcome.

  • Partnership, Shareholder, and Corporate Issues: These cases, especially ones where small and family run companies are involved, can disrupt their management and possibly force a company to close. If you’re involved in one of these cases, or you think such a dispute is brewing, Mr. Liu can help guide you through these issues and litigate on your behalf if it becomes necessary.

  • Real Estate: If you’re involved in a commercial real estate transaction, whether it’s a purchase, sale or lease, don’t make the mistake of thinking you know all there is to know and you have all your bases covered. Obtain legal advice before you or your company signs on the dotted line to help you avoid trouble. If a dispute over a past transaction requires legal assistance, Mr. Liu can also represent you and defend your interests.

Whether you own, manage, contract with or are employed by a business in Lake Forest, Orange County, and you need legal questions answered or concerns about business law and litigation addressed, contact the Law Offices of Tony T. Liu today for a free consultation.

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