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Newport Beach is a very affluent community on the Pacific Ocean. In 2010, it was estimated the median home value is over a million dollars and the city is home to the world’s largest Mercedes Benz dealer, Fletcher Jones Motor Cars. It is also the home to one Fortune 500 company, insurer Pacific Life and global investment management firm PIMCO. High tech industries include Acacia Research, Conexant, Jazz Semiconductor and Toyota’s Calty Design Research center. The city’s largest employer is Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. Hotels and social clubs are three of the city’s top twelve employers.

Attorney Tony Liu maintains a premier trial firm in Southern California focusing on business, real estate, commercial and shareholder/partnership disputes. His nine years of experience as a business litigator and trial attorney give him a wide range of experience that can help your business meet the legal challenges it faces.

Any kind of Newport Beach business can benefit from Mr. Liu’s experience and knowledge,

  • Employment Law: If your business is involved with, or wants to avoid, employment law litigation, contact Mr. Liu. The healthcare, restaurant and hospitality industries are labor intensive. With a large labor force, comes many potential legal claims from anyone from janitors and bus boys to top executives. Mr. Liu can help you through the many state and federal laws and regulations governing employment. His legal advice can help you prevent legal problems and if legal claims have already been filed, represent your company’s interests and protect its rights.

  • Business Litigation: Relationships with other businesses may be key to you company’s survival. Whether your company makes semiconductors or serves food to tourists, other businesses may be key customers or suppliers who are integral to your success. While those relationships go smoothly, so does your business. When relationships sour, situations change and disputes arise, this dependency on others may put your business at risk. Mr. Liu can review and draft any contracts you need, or represent your company in litigation, to protect your business as best you can in case your most important relationships turn for the worse.

  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes: Whether your business is a major corporation, or small business partnership, serving the Newport Beach community, Mr. Liu can help avoid conflicts among the business owners or represent you and protect your interests in case these conflicts threated your business. He can review and draft partnership and shareholder agreements and corporate by-laws. Mr. Liu can explain corporate and partnership law and how they apply in your situation. He may be able to negotiate a satisfactory resolution to conflicts among business ownership, potentially allowing one of the parties to leave the business, while the company continues to operate.

  • Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes: Chances are good that your business is in leased or rented space. When your relationship with your landlord (or if you’re the landlord, your relationship with your tenant) is trouble free and you have no problems with your building, it allows you to focus on growing your business. When problems arise, it may severely impact your ability to meet your customers’ needs and become a major distraction. Whether you own commercial property and lease it to others, or are a tenant, Mr. Liu may be able to help you maintain a smooth relationship and act as a go between if relationships have broken down. He can review and draft leases, and if need be, consult with you on the eviction process or how to legally break a lease with the least impact on your business.

If you own or manage a Newport Beach business and you have questions about the law or concerns about a current situation, contact Law Offices of Tony T. Liu today for a free consultation.

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