Orange County International Business Dealings with Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced economies in the global market. Located directly in the route of access from the U.S. to the rest of Asia, Taiwan serves as a key operations hub for many multinational corporations’ logistics centers. In addition to being a key location for facilitating trade in East Asia, Taiwan is also home to a thriving tech and manufacturing industry.

The Law Offices of Tony T. Liu offers a broad array of legal services to assist with transactions and disputes involving businesses in Taiwan. Strategically located in the heart of one of the world’s largest consumer markets in Southern California, the Law Offices of Tony T. Liu handles cases involving businesses who seek to facilitate transactions with Taiwan, as well as Taiwanese businesses seeking U.S. legal counsel. Below is a sample of some of the services Mr. Liu provides:

  • Collections: Mr. Liu has successfully represented foreign businesses in collecting judgments against U.S. companies. He has also defended U.S. businesses against foreign judgment collectors.
  • Commercial litigation: Mr. Liu is a master of litigation. He specializes in crafting cost effective litigation strategies to protect his client’s interests. He handles many types of business litigation ranging from breach of contract to intellectual property law.
  • Outside corporate counsel: Mr. Liu keeps businesses appraised of changes in law that would affect foreign and international transactions. The following recent legal developments have affected the way corporations do business in Taiwan. The Patent Act underwent major revisions in 2012 and took effect earlier this year. Taiwanese privacy laws were revamped in October of last year, creating new duties for enterprises doing business in Taiwan when collecting, using, or processing personal information. The Securities & Exchange Act was also amended to make foreign companies applying for a public listing responsible for the same supervision as local companies.
  • Dispute resolution: In addition to litigation, Mr. Liu is a skilled negotiator and has effectively resolved business disputes through mediation and arbitration. He has the flexibility to handle the most sensitive of settlement negotiations.
  • Government Agency Investigation Defense: If you have come under investigation from a federal agency it is important to take immediate protective action. Mr. Liu has defended many businesses from the scrutiny of federal agencies including: US Custom and Border Patrol, Food and Drug Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Securities and Exchange Commission Federal Trade Commission, and other agencies.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property: Due to international treaties copyrights and trademarks may be enforceable in jurisdictions other than their home countries. However, with so many overlapping IP frameworks only an experienced business attorney can effectively handle disputes as they arise.

Reasons to Choose the Law Offices of Tony T. Liu

Mr. Liu’s broad understanding of the cultural nuances of both Taiwanese and American culture is key to his effectiveness as an international business attorney. Mr. Liu speaks Taiwanese and Mandarin and is familiar with Taiwanese cultural practices. Mr. Liu’s background in finance and business also gives him a keen understanding of business priorities.

Counsel to Taiwanese Businesses

Mr. Liu is a California business attorney experienced in dealing with international business disputes between the U.S. and Taiwan. To learn more contact the Law Offices of Tony T. Liu today. Schedule a consultation by calling (714) 415-2007.

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