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Taiwan Business Litigation Attorney - Doing Business in Taiwan Makes Dollars and Sense

Tony Liu helps businesses across Orange County with the legal issues that can arise when doing business in Asia. He was born in Taiwan, moved to California as a child, speaks the language and knows the culture of Taiwan. Tony is well versed in the transactional aspects of international trade and possible litigation that can arise. He can help your company address the legal challenges that come with doing business overseas, especially in Taiwan.
Taiwan is a dynamic multi-party democracy, and its economy is one of the richest in Asia, according to the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal.
  • The foundation sees economic freedom as the ability of individuals to be free to work, produce, consume and invest as they please. In economically free societies, governments allow labor, capital and goods to move freely. They refrain from coercion or constraining liberty beyond what’s necessary to protect and maintain liberty itself.
  • Its business friendly outlook ranks its economy as the 14th freest in the world in the foundation’s 2015 index. It’s ranked in the top five of 42 economies in the Asia-Pacific region, well above the world average.
  • Worldwide Taiwan is ranks two spots below the United States, just behind the United Kingdom and 125 spots above China.
The foundation lists these factors as to why Taiwan is such a business friendly place,
  • Prudent macroeconomic policy,
  • A stable legal and monetary environment, and  
  • Commitment to structural reforms and openness to global commerce.
Taiwan’s export-driven, dynamic economy benefits from,
  • A well-functioning legal framework,
  • A tradition of private-sector entrepreneurship,
  • A low corporate tax rate,
  • The elimination of minimum capital requirements for incorporating a company, and
  • Straightforward bankruptcy proceedings.
Taiwan is poised to become a major hub and logistics operations center for R&D, manufacturing and operations in the Asia-Pacific region, according to its Bureau of Foreign Trade. The country has integrated supply chains in almost every major industry, linking U.S. companies to Taiwan and all of East Asia.
The Bureau states U.S. companies can exploit many opportunities in Taiwan.
  • Taiwan is at the center of routes between China, Japan, Korea and the Southeast Asian countries where there are billions of consumers.
  • Taiwan and China have an Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement. This significantly increases Taiwan’s market access to China and lowers the cost of goods and services sent there from U.S. businesses in Taiwan.
  • More than half of the top 100 IT companies in Asia are based in Taiwan. It’s a global supply base for high-tech products with the highest density of industrial companies and related suppliers in the world.
  • Taiwan’s 23 million citizens have a literacy rate of over 98% among those 15 years old and older and 36.75% of the country’s citizens have college degrees (nearly the U.S. rate of 39.4%).
  • The country features two international airports, seven international harbors, quality telecommunication services and 70% of households have access to broadband internet service, which makes it easier to get your product to market.
  • Mature financial markets and abundant capital resources support a personal savings rate of 28.1%, a stable exchange rate and fair interest rates.
  • Plans to increase financial transparency through International Financial Reporting Standards and tax incentives create an investor-friendly environment. Taiwan’s corporate income tax is 17%, among the lowest in the region.
Orange County businesses can take advantage of the growing economic power of Taiwan and its East Asia neighbors. If you’re thinking about how Taiwan and East Asia can fit into your business plans, contact Tony Liu to discuss the possible legal issues that your company can face and how they can be resolved through proper planning, the effective and efficient practice of business law and if necessary, litigation. Contact his office to learn more today.
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