Tustin Business and Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Tustin is a suburban city located in Orange County. As of the census of 2010, Tustin had a population of 75,540. It has been ranked in the top 10% in per capita incomes and one of the shortest average work commutes in Southern California. These factors contributed to the city being chosen in 2009 by Forbes magazine as one of the top 25 towns to live well in America. It is the home of ABM Industries and Rockwell Collins Filter Products.

Attorney Tony Liu represents business owners and investors in the Tustin and Orange County areas. His experience as a business and real estate litigation attorney have equipped him with the expertise required to effectively and efficiently protect your business’ interests in a wide range of cases,

  • Disputes among partners or members of limited liability corporations or partnerships (especially those involving high value assets and real estate): Partnerships and limited liability corporations start out with the best intentions, but conditions change and relationships can become strained. Mr. Liu can help resolve these situations through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

  • Shareholder disputes: Not all corporate and business matters go smoothly and serious disagreements among shareholders can result. Protect your investment and your interests by retaining Mr. Liu.

  • Real estate disputes among sellers, buyers, brokers, developers either in breach of contract, fraud (including nondisclosure of material facts about the property) or commission disputes: Mr. Liu has represented many parties to these transactions and is very familiar with the legal issues that can arise.

  • Businesses litigation involving intellectual property infringement, breach of contract, unfair business practices, fraud and other business torts: The heart of Mr. Liu’s legal practice is litigating business disputes. He can help your business avoid litigation, settle it on the best terms possible or protect your interests through litigation.

Mr. Liu represents a number of different types of business clients, including,

  • Businesses based in China and Taiwan entering into joint ventures, and the American companies involved in those ventures: Mr. Liu was born in Taiwan and came to the United States when he was 11 years old and has been living here ever since. He is fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese. Mr. Liu understands the culture, perspective, business practices and thinking processes of business owners from Taiwan and China.

  • Foreign investors, especially those from China or Taiwan, who are interested in investing in businesses for the purposes of obtaining investor visas: Attorney Liu handles the business acquisition, management and dispute resolution aspects of investment and can refer any interested clients to well qualified immigration attorneys to complete necessary immigration forms.

  • Local companies doing business globally (especially in Taiwan or China) or a foreign corporation with an established branch office in the United States: Mr. Liu is experienced in international trade and can help you avoid potential legal problems when running your business and making international transactions.

  • Commercial real estate investors, including individuals, institutions, limited partnerships and limited liability corporations: If you or your business own, or are considering owning, in whole or part, commercial real estate, including offices and retail space, Mr. Liu can help make transactions run smoothly. His legal counsel can help prevent legal issues from arising and represent your interests in case disputes end up in litigation.

If you do business in Tustin and have any questions or concerns about legal issues, contact Mr. Liu’s office today for a free consultation.

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