Walnut Business and Commercial Litigation Attorney

Walnut is an affluent city in Los Angeles County. The 2010 United States Census reported that Walnut had a population of 29,172 with those reporting to be Asian making up 63.6% of the population.

If you own, manage or invest in a company in Walnut, Tony Liu may be able to provide you with legal counsel and representation that could help you prevent legal problems from interfering with your business, or if those problems are currently impacting your business, provide representation to protect your rights and interests through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Attorney Liu represents a wide range of clients, including,

  • Businesses based in China and Taiwan entering into joint ventures, and the American companies involved in those ventures: Tony Liu was born in Taiwan and came to the U.S. when he was 11 years old and has been living here ever since. He speaks fluent Mandarin and Taiwanese. Tony Liu understands the culture, perspective, business practices and thinking processes of business owners from Taiwan and China.

  • Foreign investors, especially those from China or Taiwan, who are interested in investing in businesses for the purposes of obtaining investor visas: Investing in, and helping grow American businesses may be an option for those seeking to immigrate to the U.S. Though Attorney Liu does not handle immigration issues (though he can refer you to a well qualified immigration attorney), he can help interested parties invest in businesses, help them with legal issues arising from business management and resolution of business disagreements.

  • Local companies doing business globally (especially in Taiwan or China) or a foreign corporation with an established branch office in the United States: Want to expand your business into Asia? Want to explore starting production facilities or sales offices in Asia? Do you own or manage a business overseas looking to open an office or start operations in the U.S.? If these questions apply to you, Tony Liu can help you with the many legal issues that may arise.

  • Commercial real estate investors, including individuals, institutions, limited partnerships and limited liability corporations: Commercial real estate can involve large investments of capital, time and energy. Make sure those investments, as well as your rights and interests, are protected. Tony Liu can advise parties involved in commercial real estate about their rights, give them legal advice and represent their interests in any proceeding in the courts or agency proceeding.

Tony Liu works in a wide range of cases that impact the ownership, management and profitability of a business,

  • Disputes among partners or members of limited liability corporations or partnerships (especially those involving high value assets and real estate): If you are starting a business, or involved in one now, contact Attorney Liu to discuss way to address potential disputes and the ways they can be resolved before they might harm a business. If disputes have already occurred and they threaten the company’s well being, Tony Liu can represent the business, or your interests, to see that these disputes come to the best possible conclusion.

  • Shareholder disputes: With the right by-laws, corporate disputes can be handled in a sensible, logical way and prevent emotions from getting in the way of running a business. Attorney Liu can help you prepare those by-laws and other corporate documents. If disputes have already broken out, Tony Liu can educate you on applicable laws, provide legal advice and represent your interests.

  • Real estate disputes among sellers, buyers, brokers, developers either in breach of contract, fraud (including nondisclosure of material facts about the property) or commission disputes.

  • Businesses litigation involving intellectual property infringement, breach of contract, unfair business practices, fraud and other business torts: A lawsuit against your company could damage its image, may make your customers and suppliers go elsewhere and threaten your company’s viability. With so much at stake, you should rely on Tony Liu and his many years of experience representing businesses. If you think your business is being threatened by the illegal acts of others and your company needs to initiate legal action, Tony Liu can help you with that as well.

If you do business in Walnut and have any questions or concerns about legal issues, contact Tony Liu’s office today for a consultation.

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